[Tasting] Matsuya "" Meat-rich "roasted beef rice"
"Meat-rich" grilled beef rice! Great beef and white rice!

I tried Matsuya's limited-time menu " " Meat-rich "roasted beef rice". A bowl of both beef and white rice from "Meat-rich" roasted beef rice, which has just begun to be sold. It's a huge volume, but if you eat it, you can feel the satisfaction that your brain feels numb.

Matsuya "" Meat-rich "roasted beef rice"
Matsuya so with miso soup

This is a continuation of the limited-time menu that was popular in 2019. The price is 560 yen (tax included, same below) for "Plenty", which is a regular serving, and 690 yen for "Dossari", which is a large serving.

Matsuya "" Meat-rich "roasted beef rice"
Anyway, the volume is perfect

When you order a large serving at Matsuya, usually only rice is increased, but I'm glad that "Dossari" also increases meat.

The juicy and tender beef is baked on an iron plate, and the spicy sweetness is accented with a spicy sauce. Topped with chopped green onions and soft-boiled eggs. Since it is Matsuya, it comes with miso soup.

Matsuya "" Meat-rich "roasted beef rice"
Melt the yolk from the soft-boiled egg

First, break the egg, thicken the yolk, and entangle it in the beef. Like bacon baked in a frying pan, the beef has crispy edges, but the middle part is moist and soft, and it has a strong fat content and a strong umami taste.

The beef flavor is more pronounced than the usual beef rice made with boiled beef. The mellow soft-boiled egg and rich sauce flavor make it a perfect match with white rice. The chopsticks move forward steadily.

Matsuya "" Meat-rich "roasted beef rice"
Crispy like bacon, juicy in the middle

Even so, the volume of rice is so large that it accepts all the taste of meat, so it is recommended to add red pickled ginger etc. provided on the table to the bowl and eat while changing the taste. If you flatten everything, you will feel full and your head will be vague, and you will not want to move for a while. Please try it after you are hungry enough.