Matsuya Super Deals Coupon" Digital Jack Project

Matsuya Super Deals

Coupon" Digital Jack Project

Matsuya will distribute "Matsuya Super Deals Coupon" as a digital jack project from January 31 (Tue.) to February 7 (Tue.). The coupons will be distributed through various SNS such as the official Matsuya app and official Twitter account.

Matsuya Super Value


The Matsuya Super Value Coupon can be used from midnight on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 to 23:59 on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. You can use the coupon as many times as you like during the period. Only valid for purchases made at the store. Not applicable for Matsuben Net, Matsuya Mobile Order, etc.

Enjoy a 30 yen discount on beef rice, a 50 yen discount on standard rice bowls and curry, and a 70 yen discount on standard set menus. To go is also eligible for discount.


Super Value Coupon Target Items



eligible for 30 yen discount]
Beef Meal
Spicy Negi Bowl Beef Meal
Grated Ponzu Beef Meal

[Menu items eligible for 50 yen discount]
Kim Kal Don
Beef Yaki Bibin Don
Negi Negi Salt Pork Yaki Bowl
Matsuya Beef Curry
Omlette Beef Curry
Beef Karegyu
Hamburger Steak Beef Curry
Hamburger Omelet Beef Curry

<Menus eligible for 70 yen discount>
Beef Yakiniku Teishoku
Karubi Yakiniku Teishoku
Pork Yakiniku Teishoku
Pork Ginger Yakiniku Teishoku
Brown Sauce Hamburger Steak Set
Brown Sauce Egg Hamburger Steak Set

* Available in various sizes among the above menu items.
Discounts will be applied from the regular price.
Only the menu sold at the restaurant is available.
At stores that are currently selling the Beef Belly Grilled Set Meal, the discount will be applied to the Beef Yakiniku Set Meal (Oni Oroshi), Karubi Yakiniku Set Meal (Oni Oroshi), and Pork Yakiniku Set Meal (Oni Oroshi).
In the event that the product is out of stock, it may not be available.


use the coupon QR code

1) Hold the coupon QR code over the "QR code reader" at the bottom of the touch-screen of the touch-panel ticket machine. 2) After the code is read, touch the QR code to the touch-screen of the ticket machine.
After the code is read, "Coupon accepted" will be displayed on the touch screen. 3.
When the touch screen returns to the "In-store" or "Bento" selection screen, select either one. 4.
The coupon menu will be displayed and you can purchase the desired menu. Except for some stores, transportation-related electronic money can be used.

Purchases at the coupon price can only be made on the coupon page (tab) of the ticket machine. Purchases from other pages (tabs) will be at the regular price.
Not available at Kwansei Gakuin University stores and highway PA stores.