Cafe Comsa "Yamae Chestnut Cake" from Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture

Cafe COMSA: "Yamae Chestnut Cake" from Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture Limited

Time Offer Cafe COMSA will sell "Yamae Chestnut Cake" from Yamae-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture for a limited time. It will be on sale from October 4 to the end of October. The price is 1,300 yen per piece (tax included).

Yamae Chestnut Cake from Yamae Village,


Prefecture The "Yamae Chestnuts" harvested in Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, are about twice as large as ordinary chestnuts and have a high sugar content. These chestnuts are used in combination with Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc cream and decorated with a mascarpone cream base, making this a recommended cake for the autumn season. The base is mascarpone.



Yamae Village is located in the southernmost part of Kumamoto Prefecture, almost in the center of the Kuma Basin, which borders Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures. The climate is unique to the basin, with large temperature differences between day and night, and the fertile red soil on the south-facing hillside is well drained, providing the perfect conditions for growing delicious chestnuts. The "Yamae chestnuts" produced in Yamae Village are highly regarded for their quality, as they were presented to the Emperor Showa in 1977, and are characterized by their large size, deep sweetness, and rich flavor.

Chestnut farmers place great importance on their ties with the local community, and Yamae chestnuts play a major role in the economy, environment, and culture of Yamae Village, and the village is being developed with Yamae chestnuts at the center.

The price and design of the Ginza store differ from the Kumamoto Tsuruya store.
The Kumamoto Tsuruya store will be open for a different period of time.

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