Lawson "Paris Toro -Paris Toro Brulee-"

New "new sensation sweets" will be on sale from March 10th at each Lawson store. A lineup of 5 products.

[Released on March 10]

・ Paris Toro -Paris Toro Brulee-
A sweet that combines a caramel plate with a "crispy texture" that is carefully baked at a high temperature using sugars with low hygroscopicity, and a brulee that is boiled at a low temperature using Hokkaido cream, milk, and vanilla beans. By devising the shape of the caramel plate and creating a space between it and the brulee, the moisture of the brulee does not easily transfer to the plate, and a crispy texture is realized. The price is 285 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Paris Toro -Paris Toro Brulee-"

・ Fluffy-Fuwashuwa Souffle-
A sweet that achieves a "fluffy texture" by whipping the meringue, combining it with the cheese dough, and slowly baking it in hot water. Two types of cheese are used for the dough. The price is 240 yen.

Lawson "Fuwashuwa -Fuwashuwa Souffle-"

[Released on March 17]

・ Kuki 3 Shoe -Kuki Kuki Cookie Shoe-
Sweets made by wrapping the entire choux pastry with cookies and adding cream with cookies and milk cream. You can enjoy the crunchy texture. The price is 200 yen.

Lawson "Kuki 3 Sun Shoe -Kuki Kuki Cookie Shoe-"

[Released on March 24]

・ Mount Pudding Basque -Basque-style cheese cake-
Basque 1st anniversary commemorative product. On top of the moist and rich basque, put a whole pudding that is not too sweet and top it with whipped cream. The price is 380 yen.

Lawson "Mount Pudding Basque -Basque Cheese Cake-"

[Released on March 31]

・ Michipuu -Michiri Pudding-
A new sensation pudding that looks like a combination of cheesecake and panna cotta. Cheese filling with mascarpone and cream produced in Hokkaido are used, and it is characterized by a rich texture. The price is 240 yen.

Lawson "Michipu-Michiri Pudding-"