Kyodo Nyugyo "Aso Japanese chestnut pudding

Kyodo Nyugyo "

Aso Japanese Chestnut Pudding" Kyodo Nyugyo will sell a new product, "Aso Japanese Chestnut Pudding," which takes full advantage of the taste of Japanese chestnut ingredients. The product will go on sale on October 2. It will be sold at supermarkets and convenience stores for a limited time. It contains 134 kcal and is priced at 146 yen (tax included).

Aso Japanese


Pudding The new "Aso Japanese Chestnut Pudding" uses Japanese chestnuts grown by about 50 producers in the Aso region of Kumamoto Prefecture, and is made with the finest ingredients. The pudding has a smooth texture that melts in the mouth, and the chestnut's crunchy texture is combined with the gentle sweetness and aroma of chestnuts. The amount of Japanese chestnut paste used has been increased by approximately 20% compared to the previous product, and the combination of the caramel sauce, which is a perfect match with the Japanese chestnut pudding, allows the sweetness and aroma of Japanese chestnuts to be felt even more.

The "Domestically Produced Committed


Series" is a series born out of efforts to promote local committed ingredients in order to connect the primary industry (agriculture and livestock), the tertiary industry (retail), and the consumer. Product development staff visit the production areas to check on the fields and processing plants, learning directly from the producers about their thoughts and ideas behind the ingredients.

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