FamilyMart "Dark Taste Cheesecake


Sweets to be Released November 7-10,

2023: A

Summary of New Sweets from FamilyMart

New sweets and ices that will be sequentially released at FamilyMart from November 7-10, 2023. The new items include "Dark Taste Cheesecake," "Kokoku Nama Pudding," and "Slowly Baked Fabuluton.

All images are sourced from the official FamilyMart website.
Availability may vary by region and store.
All prices include tax.

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New FamilyMart sweet


Dark Cheese Cake

" to be

released on November 7

FamilyMart "Dark Taste Cheesecake

A moist cheesecake with a rich flavor and texture, using cream cheese. The price is 145 yen. Sold nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture.

Kokoku Nama Pudding

FamilyMart "Kokusai Pudding

Rich custard pudding with fresh cream mixed in. Available only at FamilyMart. Price: 170 yen. Sold nationwide.

Eat Fruits Large Grape Jelly

FamilyMart "Eat Fruits: Large Grape Jelly".

Grapes jelly with plenty of pulp. FamilyMart exclusive. Price: 268 yen. Sold nationwide.

Lotte Waffle Cone Tokyo Ban

FamilyMart "Lotte Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana

Under the supervision of Tokyo Banana, the flavor of the ice cream has been tailored to a quality that allows you to enjoy the flavor of Tokyo Banana, a Western-style confectionery. The sugar cone uses whole wheat flour as part of the flour, giving it a good savory taste. Limited to Family Mart and in limited quantities. Price: 321 yen. Available nationwide.

FamilyMart's new sweet


Slowly Baked Fabreton

" to be

released on November 10

FamilyMart "Slowly Baked Fabreton

A traditional sweet popular in the Bretagne region of France. It is made by adding raisins to a dough of eggs, sugar, milk, flour, etc., layered with candy dough, baked slowly, and finished with a whipped topping. The price is 288 yen. The product is sold throughout Japan except Okinawa Prefecture.

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