Directly from Nikaido "Ooba Gyoza"
I actually made "Ooba Gyoza", which is a direct story of Nikaido, which appears in the popular work "Dorohedoro". Handmade from the skin, the exquisite Ooba Gyoza that took time and effort.
Material ( For 3 people )
flour 200g (7.05oz)
water Appropriate amount
Macrophyll all you want!
Minced pork 200g (7.05oz)
cabbage 1/2 piece
White green onion 1/4
dried shiitake Three
Garlic (grated) a little
Ginger a little
Hungry Bug special "matching seasoning" a little
Liquor a little
salt a little
soy sauce a little
Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

The limited menu "Ooba Gyoza Set Meal ", which was introduced the other day, is a collaboration between the popular work "Dorohedoro" and Shibuya "Tiger Gyoza Kaikan Udagawa". Gyoza with a refreshing taste that spreads the aroma of perilla. I wish I could enjoy this taste at home ...!

Tiger Gyoza Kaikan Udagawa's collaboration limited menu "Ooba Gyoza Set Meal"

So, I challenged the handmade "Ooba Gyoza". Just on the back of the limited luncheon mat that you can get by ordering the collaboration menu, the material and how to make the "Magic Bonus" manga (see the original volume 5) that Nikaido makes Ooba Gyoza and the "Nikaido Direct Den Ooba Gyoza" that collaborated with Tiger Gyoza Kaikan. Was posted, so I referred to this recipe.

Limited menu "Ooba Gyoza set meal" in collaboration with "Tiger Gyoza Kaikan Udagawa"
Refer to the recipe drawn on the back of the place mat (C) 2020 Hayashida Ball / Shogakukan / Dorohedoro Production Committee

Directly from Nikaido Ooba Gyoza

■ Materials (about 20 pieces)

・ Flour 200g (7.05oz)
・ Appropriate amount of water ・ Ooba As much as you like!
・ Minced pork 200g (7.05oz)
・ 1/2 cabbage ・ 1/4 white onion ・ 3 dried shiitake mushrooms ・ Slightly grated garlic ・ Slightly grated ginger ・ Slightly hungry bug special “combined seasoning” Slightly ・ Slightly liquor ・ Slightly salt ・ Soy sauce a little

This time, 100g (3.53oz) each of strong flour and weak flour is used for wheat flour, and instead of Hungry Bug's special "combined seasoning", dried shiitake mushroom reconstituted juice and sesame oil are used. "Cabbage" does not appear in the manga, but it was added because it was included in the material list. Regarding "combined seasonings," he said, "If you make many times and gain experience, you will find a delicious balance."

■ How to make

1. 1. First of all, prepare. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in enough water and put them back in for about half a day.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

2. 2. Make a pile of flour, make a hole in the center, add water and mix. Knead well while adding water little by little until the powder is gone.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

3. 3. When the dough is set, cover it with a wet cloth and let it sit for about 30 minutes. If you lay it down firmly, you will get a delicious skin that is chewy and hard to tear.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

4. Add finely chopped perilla, cabbage, white onion, dried shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger and other ingredients to minced pork, as well as Hungry Bug's special "matching seasoning" (if you like), sake, salt, and soy sauce. Mix thoroughly until it comes out.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

5. Cut the laid dough into sticks and cut it to the size of a piece of skin.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

6. Sprinkle the cutting board with potato starch or strong flour, and spread the rolled dough with a cotton swab. This is quite difficult! It is recommended that you gradually bring it closer to a circle by turning it 90 degrees at a time and pushing it with a rolling pin. Due to lack of training, the author has become a distorted circle ...

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"
It ’s bad shape

7. Spread the perilla on the skin and stuff it with red bean paste. The skin is thicker than the one on the market, so you can pack it with a lot of feeling.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

8. Arrange the gyoza on a well-heated and oiled frying pan or hot plate, add water when it is baked, cover it, and steam it.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

9. Serve on a plate in Nikaido style and you're done!

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

■ The mochi-mochi skin is too horsey!

The time-consuming handmade leather is very chewy and super horse! You can use commercially available gyoza skin as a substitute, but if you have a lot of trouble, you should definitely try making the skin first.

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"

Plenty of gravy that overflows when you bite. Not only the scent of perilla, but also the taste and flavor of dried shiitake mushrooms is a good job! Is there a little more perilla? You may put as much as you think. It goes well with beer as well as with rice. Hmmm, Ooba Gyoza is the best! !! !! Umai! !! !!

Drohedro, Nikaido's "Ooba Gyoza"
Ooba Gyoza is the best! !!

I tried to reproduce it as faithfully as possible, but the taste seems to change depending on the combination of "combined seasonings" and the amount of perilla. It would be fun to improve the recipe in pursuit of the ideal taste of "Hungry Bug" Ooba Gyoza. Please give it a try!