Marugame Seimen, New Spring "Beef Udon"

"Marugame Seimen", a Sanuki udon specialty store, will release "Beef Udon" and "Asari Udon" on March 10th. For a limited time.

This year, from the popular udon series using meat, "Beef Mori Udon", which has been upgraded with an accent on the texture, is newly released. The sweet and spicy stewed beef, onions, and shimeji mushrooms are placed on top of the udon noodles to create a hearty product with okra that gives you a crispy texture.

Marugame Seimen, New Spring "Beef Udon"

First of all, entwined okra and sweet and spicy beef with chewy udon noodles to make it gorgeous. The taste of the meat and the sweetness of the onions mix with the bukkake soup stock. In addition, the chewy texture of the meat, the crispy okra, and the crispy shimeji mushrooms make you feel more satisfied.

You can add green onions, tenkasu, and ginger to your liking and enjoy the change in taste. In addition to the standard green onions, adding crispy tenkasu will increase the richness and volume, and adding ginger and shichimi will tighten the sweet and spicy soup stock.

Prices start at 690 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is until mid-April.

In addition, a limited-time "Asari Udon" will be released at the same time. By boiling the clams with shells with the soup stock that Marugame Seimen is proud of, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of the clams with udon. Prices start at 620 yen.

Marugame Seimen, new spring "Asari Udon"