IKEA "Cheese Fair"

The IKEA store, known for its Scandinavian furniture, will hold a "Cheese Fair" where you can enjoy a variety of cheese menus. Limited time offer from November 14th to December 22nd.

The bistro on the 1st floor offers "Double Double Dog" with two kinds of cheese on a hot dog of double sausage, and "Strawberry Cheesecake Sunday" with handmade cheesecake. At the IKEA Restaurant & Cafe on the 2nd floor, there are "4 kinds of cheese rich soup" with plenty of vegetables, "Fried potato double cheese rack" with plenty of 2 kinds of cheese, and "Strawberry and honey cheese mousse". "Strawberry cheese pancake" etc. will appear.

In addition, the Swedish food market on the first floor sells cheese, white sauce, and "croque monsieur" with ham. Menu examples and prices are as follows.

1st floor bistro

First of all, a hot dog "Double Double Dog" with white & red cheddar cheese sauce on double sausage will be offered for 300 yen (tax included, the same applies below).

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Double double dog" 300 yen

The nachos "Double Cheese Nachos" with white and red cheddar cheese sauce is 150 yen.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Double cheese nachos" 150 yen

As a dessert, "Strawberry Cheesecake Sunday" with a handmade cheesecake with apricot syrup will be prepared for 350 yen.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Strawberry cheesecake Sunday" 350 yen

2nd floor IKEA restaurant & cafe

As a snack, there is a French fries "French fries double cheese rack" with white and red cheddar cheese sauce, S size 199 yen, R size 299 yen, L size 449 yen.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"French fries double cheese rack" S size 199 yen, R size 299 yen, L size 449 yen

The soup "4 kinds of cheese rich soup" containing cream cheese, Gouda cheese, Edam cheese, Camembert and many vegetables is 399 yen.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Four kinds of cheese rich soup" 399 yen

The classic cheese sauce and bacon penne "Penne Carbonara with hot balls" is 399 yen. If you like, you can add hot spring eggs from flat-bred chickens.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Penne carbonara with hot balls" 399 yen

In addition to this, the IKEA Family member price for the pancake "Strawberry Cheese Pancake" with fresh strawberry and honey cheese mousse is 499 yen, usually 699 yen. This is a limited edition product from 14:00 to 17:00.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Strawberry cheese pancake" IKEA Family member price 499 yen, regular price 699 yen

1st floor Swedish food market

In addition, you can purchase a hearty "croque monsieur" with ham, white sauce, and mozzarella cheese sandwiched between bread for 299 yen. This is also sold at the IKEA restaurant & cafe on the 2nd floor.

IKEA "Cheese Fair"
"Croque monsieur" 299 yen