Hanamaru Udon "Ankake Fair"

Ankake Fair will be held from October 1st at each Sanuki udon chain "Hanamaru Udon" (excluding some stores). Introducing 3 Ankake Udon noodles that warm your body. The sale period is until the end of November.

"Ginger Tamago Ankake" using ginger and egg, "Menta Ginger Tamago Ankake" topped with mentaiko, and "Sichuan-style Mapo Ankake" with the numbing spiciness of Sichuan Akayamasho and the delicious spiciness of Korean pepper "Udon", a fair where you can enjoy 3 different types of ankake. "Sichuan-style Mapo Ankake Udon" was developed with a focus on the authentic Sichuan-style taste.

Hanamaru Udon "Ginger Egg Ankake"
Ginger egg ankake

The prices are as follows (all tax excluded).

Ginger egg ankake (small) 390 yen (medium) 490 yen (large) 590 yen Meita ginger egg ankake (small) 460 yen (medium) 560 yen (large) 660 yen Sichuan-style mapo tofu udon (small) 500 yen (medium) ) 600 yen (Large) 700 yen

Let's survive in the coming season when it gets colder and warmer with Hanamaru Udon's "Ankake Udon"!

* Prices are different at some stores * "Ginger Egg Ankake" will continue to be sold in winter (until around March)