Lawson "Mochishu-Mochicchi Warabimochi-"

I tried Lawson's chewy cream puff "Mochishu-Mochicchi Warabimochi-". If the choux pastry is also chewy, the bracken chewy inside. The kinako cream that comes with it is a fragrant dish.

Lawson "Mochishu-Mochicchi Warabimochi-"
Large cream puff

The price is 170 yen (tax included) and the calories are 263 kcal. It's big and heavy, and it's eaten heavily. Immediately insert a knife and cut it, and you will feel the fluffy feel in your hands.

Looking at the contents, the proportion of warabimochi is quite high, and apparently almost half of it is translucent jelly. When I gnawed, the fabric that hits my teeth was soft, moderately elastic, and very moist.

Lawson "Mochishu-Mochicchi Warabimochi-"
Warabimochi's cool jelly and fragrant cream powder match

Warabimochi, on the other hand, has a good mouthfeel and is not very elastic. The sweetness is faint and the flavor is light night. Is it the real pleasure to feel cool and cool?

Finally, the beige cream has a strong soybean flour scent. When you taste this cream and warabi mochi together on your tongue, you will experience a mysterious experience like eating Western confectionery while eating Japanese confectionery, or eating Japanese confectionery but eating Western confectionery. You can enjoy it.