Lawson "Chocolate Chip Melon Pan with Whipped & Chocolate Cream


Sweets to be Released on March 14】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces new sweets to be released at Lawson on March 14, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Chocolate Chip Melon Pan Whip & Chocolate Cream", "Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix", etc. will appear.

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Prices include tax.

Fruit Sando Fruit


: A fruit sandwich featuring four types of fruit: strawberry, pineapple, white peach, and yellow peach. It is combined with whipped cream from Hokkaido. Price: 376 yen. Calories 225 kcal.

LAWSON "Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix

Fruit Sandwich Strawberry and Whipped Cream

: A sweet sandwich consisting of 3.5 strawberries, whipped cream from Hokkaido, and rare cheese cream flavor. Price: ¥419. Calories 274 kcal.

LAWSON "Fruit Sandwich - Strawberry and Whipped Cream

Chocolate chip

melon bread with whipped cream

and chocolate cream

. You can also enjoy the texture of the chocolate inside. Price: 149 yen. Calories 407kcal per piece.

Lawson "Chocolate Chip Melon Pan with Whipped & Chocolate Cream

Machinopan Melon Pan with wings made with milk

. You can enjoy the rich taste of milk and butter. Price: 160 yen. Calories 322 kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Machinopan - Melon Pan with wings made with milk


Melon Pan Melon Pan with 30% less sugar has been renewed to be more delicious. Compared to Melon Pan in the 2020 edition of the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (per 79g (2.79oz)). Price is 149 yen. Calories 258kcal per piece.

Lawson "NL Melon Pan

Crunchy Butter Pie Sandwich

Butter cream is served with crispy pie crust. Price: 235 yen. Available in Okinawa region on Monday, March 13, priced at 246 yen.

Lawson "Crispy Butter Pie Sandwich

Smooth custard

petite éclairs:


petite éclairs in a package of several to share. Priced at 300 yen. Calories 443 kcal.

Lawson "Smooth Custard Petit Eclair 6 pieces


Custard Pet

it Puffs:


petit puffs in a package of multiple pieces to share. Price: 300 yen. 407 calories.

LAWSON "Smooth Custard Petit Puffs, 12 pieces

Tokushima Sangyo Chestnut Kinton Pudding 120g (4.23oz).

Made with Shibukawa chestnut paste for a rich and thick chestnut flavor. Price: 198 yen. Calories 130 kcal per serving (120 g).

LAWSON "Tokushima Sangyo Chestnut Kinton Pudding 120g

ufu. Pudding Limit


Hyuganatsu and Cheese 78g (2.75oz)

"Patissiere MAYO" supervised by Chef Miyata. Vegamot-scented Camembert cheese and hyuganatsu pudding. Price: 235 yen. Calories: 138kcal per 78g (2.75oz) serving.

Lawson "ufu. Pudding Limit Refreshing Sunny Summer and Cheese 78g"

Japanese konjac gummies, kuromitsu kinako flavor, 20 g.

Made from Japanese konjac. The more you chew, the sweeter the taste becomes. Price: 158 yen. Calories 70kcal per bag (20g (0.71oz)).

LAWSON "Japanese-style konnyaku gummies, kuromitsu kinako flavor, 20g

Fufu Coffee Shop Coffee Float 70g (2.47oz)

Vanilla-flavored agar mousse studded with coffee jelly with two different textures. Price: 198 yen. Calories 32 kcal per serving (average weight 10 g).

Lawson "Fufu Coffee Shop Coffee Float 70g"

Satsuma-imo Kempi- made from Japanese sweet potatoes. 62g (2.19oz)

: sweet potato kempi- with a slight sweetness that preserves the original flavor of the sweet potato. Price: 108 yen. Calories are 302kcal per bag (62g (2.19oz)).

LAWSON "Satsuma-imo kenpi made from Japanese sweet potatoes 62g

Coffee shop mixed juice Daifuku (7 pieces

): Bite-sized Daifuku with the sweetness of peach, pineapple, orange and banana. Price: 178 yen. Calories 42kcal per piece (average weight 13.3g (0.11oz)).

Lawson "Coffee Shop Mixed Juice Daifuku, 7 pieces"

Kongari Rusk Coffee Shop Pizza Toast Flavor 42g (1.48oz)

Crispy and savory pizza toast flavored rusk. Price: 148 yen. Calories 234kcal per bag (42g (1.48oz)).

LAWSON "Kombari Rusk, Coffee Shop Pizza Toast Flavor, 42g

Teppan Grilled Soft


35g (1.23oz):

Soft kamiami grilled on an iron plate. Price: 335 yen. Calories 107kcal per bag (35g (1.23oz)).

LAWSON "Teppan Grilled Soft Kamiami 35g"