Lawson "Cookie puff (cream cheese)
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Sweets to be Released on February 14】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces new sweets to be released on February 14 at Lawson, including their prices and calories. This time, "Cookie Choux (Cream Cheese)" and "Nama Baumkuchen" will be available.


Choux (Cream Che

ese) The crispy cookie dough is combined with a refreshing cream cheese-based cream. The price is 203 yen (tax included, same as below). Calorie count is 274 kcal.

Lawson "Cookie puff (cream cheese)


: A baumkuchen with a perfect balance of moist, fluffy dough and crispy glaze. Price: 171 yen. Calorie count is 267kcal.

Lawson "Fresh Baumkuchen

Cherry Blossom Mochi (

Koshi An)

: Koshi An (sweet bean paste) cooked with glacial sugar, wrapped with cherry blossom leaves and rice cake dough. Price: 149 yen. The calorie count is 130 kcal.

Lawson "Sakura Mochi (Koshian)

Cheese melon

bread with whipped cream and


cream. Price: 160 yen. Calories are 383 kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Cheese Melon Pan with Whipped & Cheese Cream

Small Happy Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix

Fruit sandwich with four kinds of fruit: strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, and yellow peach. Price: 376 yen. Calories are 291kcal.

Lawson "Small Happy Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix".

Small Happy Fruit

Sandwich: Strawberry

& Custard Whip

A sweet sandwich with 3.5 strawberries, custard, and whipped cream from Hokkaido. Price: 387 yen. Calories are 270 kcal.

LAWSON "Small Happy Fruit Sandwich - Strawberry & Custard Whip

ufu. Pudding Limit


Cacao 90g (3.17oz)

supervised by chocolatier Chef Takishima. Fresh pure cacao, sweet and sour berries, and fragrant fragrance of fragrant osmanthus. Price: 235 yen. Calories are 256 kcal per serving.

Lawson "ufu. Pudding Limit Luxurious Cacao 90g"

Tokushima Sangyo


Potato Brulee 115g (4.06oz)

Pudding made with honey potatoes and topped with caramel crush, a dessert with an enjoyable texture. Price: 198 yen. Calories are 143 kcal per serving (115 g).

LAWSON "Tokushima Sangyo Honey Potato Brulee 115g"

Cacao 70% Almond Chocolate with Milk Protein 38g (1.34oz)

Crushed almonds, whole almonds. This high cacao chocolate has a rich aroma. Price: 215 yen. Calories are 223 kcal per bag.

Lawson "70% Cacao Almond Chocolate with Milk Protein 38g"

150% Chocolate Coated Hard Textured Chocolate Biscuits 78g (2.75oz)

Hard biscuits coated with chocolate. Price: 148 yen. Calorie count is 402 kcal per bag.

LAWSON "150% chocolate covered hard texture chocolate cookie 78g".

500% Size Caramel Corn 65g (2.29oz)

Caramel corn that is 5 times the size of regular caramel corn. Price: 148 yen. Contains 365 kcal per bag.

Lawson "500% Size Caramel Corn 65g"

200% size tyrant habanero 85g (3oz).

Price is 198 yen. Contains 457 kcal per bag.

LAWSON "200% Size Tyrant Habanero 85g"