Nakau "Chilled Udon"
Chilled udon noodles. A little "Shirunashi Tantanmen"

Nakau's seasonal menu "Chilled Tantan Udon" has started, so I ate it. The more you mix, the more the udon gets entangled in the sweet and spicy sesame sauce.

According to the explanation of the menu, udon noodles made by combining minced tantan noodles and green onions with the original "tantan sesame sauce" made by applying special chili oil to sesame seeds. By "kneading" the sesame seeds twice, it is made into a smooth and fine paste, which enhances the aroma and richness.

Nakau "Chilled Udon"
Lots of green onions in addition to minced meat

The small size is 290 yen (tax included, the same applies below), and the average size is 490 yen. This time, select average. The bowl that arrived is arranged to remind you of soupless tantanmen.

You can eat it with minced meat and green onions as toppings, but since it's a big deal, I decided to imitate the soupless tantanmen and mix it well.

Nakau "Chilled Udon"

The more you mix, the more sesame sauce gets entangled in the thick noodles. Did you mix it about 20 times? The minced meat on the top also starts eating when the green onions are completely dispersed. Then, the one that stimulates the tongue right away is a very sweet sauce, which, combined with the sesame scent, gives the impression of chilled sesame sauce.

Nakau "Chilled Udon"
Anyway, I often get entangled in udon

Green onions are crispy and have a pleasant texture. The minced meat has chopped vegetables added to it, which makes the texture complicated. Udon is well chilled and has good elasticity.

The taste of the sauce is strong, and if you continue to mix it, it will get entangled in the udon very well, so it is better to eat while drinking tea together. The average size is enough for lunch, but if you can afford it, you may have a set of small size and beef bowl.