Yamaya "Mentai Tube"

Good news for mentaiko lovers. "Mentai Tube", where you can easily enjoy mentaiko, is on sale from "Yamaya" in Fukuoka.

The lineup includes the "Hakata Rice Series" and the "Hakata Bread Series". Both are included in a package designed with polka dots and Hakata-ori that express the "crushing" of mentaiko. The purchase price at a specialty store is 600 yen (excluding tax).

Yamaya "Mentai Tube"
You can also buy it from Yamaya's official online shopping site.

You can apply it to rice or bread as it is, or add it to your cooking. This time, we will review 3 types in 3 ways.

◆ Hakata Bread Mentai France
Combine butter and garlic with mentaiko and add lemon juice as a secret ingredient. The tip of the tube is thin and it comes out with a flat line, so I am happy that it is easy to apply to bread.

Yamaya "Hakata's Bread Mentai France"
Just apply it to the baguette and you're done!

The taste of mentaiko and the richness of butter are very delicious! The slightly effective garlic will further arouse your appetite. A mellow yet hidden lemon with a refreshing aftertaste.

Yamaya Bread coated with "Hakata no Bread Mentai France"
Sell at the bakery as it is

◆ Hakata rice Ume kelp mentai
Mentaiko mixed with Hokkaido kelp and Oita plum paste. Make a notch in the hanpen and apply a mentai tube between them. Add sesame oil, bake lightly, and top with green onions to complete.

Yamaya "Hakata's rice plum kelp mentai"
The structure of the tube is the same as that of Mentai France

Bubble wrap mentaiko between fluffy hanpen. The subtle spiciness, the taste of kelp, and the acidity of plums are combined. Each taste is tightly packed in the refreshingness. Excellent because the taste is decided only by this.

Yamaya "Hakata Rice Ume Konbu Mentai" Hanpen Sandwich
Excellent compatibility with pale hanpen

◆ Hakata Bread Cream Cheese Mentai
Mentaiko mixed with cream cheese from Hokkaido, and then dice-shaped processed cheese is added. Simply mix with steamed pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and avocado to complete a hot salad.

Yamaya "Hakata's Bread Cream Cheese Mentai"
This is a round tip

Creamy cheese and mentaiko go great together. A deep richness is added to the natural sweetness of vegetables. In the sticky paste, the texture of mashed mentaiko and crispy dice cheese is a good accent.

Yamaya "Hakata's Bread Cream Cheese Mentai"
It's not spicy so children seem to like it too

All of them are delicious and easy to use, so the range of dishes should expand dramatically. If you like mentaiko, you can keep it in the refrigerator without any loss!