Recipe for "carrot cod roe"

Here are three "cod roe recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Tara and perilla coleslaw salad", "potato cod roe butter boiled", "carrot cod roe mixed". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Coleslaw salad with perilla and perilla

Introducing the " Tatara and Perilla Coleslaw Salad " recipe with tatara and perilla. It has a rich flavor with the umami of cod, the richness of mayonnaise, the freshness of perilla and the aroma of white sesame. A Japanese-style coleslaw salad with a good balance of mayonnaise and refreshing feeling.

"Tarakoto Ooba Coleslaw Salad" Recipe

Boiled potato cod roe butter

Introducing the recipe for " potato cod roe butter stew ", which is made by stir-frying potatoes in butter and simmering them together with cod roe. Moist and soft potatoes with the umami of cod. The refreshingness of all-purpose onions adds an accent.

Recipe for "potato cod roe butter boiled"

Carrot cod roe

A recipe for a simple menu " Carrot cod roe " that combines carrot and cod roe. The crispy texture of the carrot, the crushed mouthfeel of the carrot, and the sweetness of the carrot that spreads slowly as you chew, and the deliciousness of the carrot are addictive.

Recipe for "carrot cod roe"