Easy recipe "stir-fried peppers with cod roe"

Plus 1 item using cod roe! Here are three "Tarako" recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Stir-fried peppers with cod roe" and "Shirataki noodles with cod roe". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Shirataki noodles with cod roe

Easy recipes that combine Shirataki and cod roe " Shirataki tossed cod roe ". The smooth texture of shirataki noodles and the bubble wrap texture are fun dishes.

Simple recipe "Shirataki noodles with cod roe"

A dish with a pleasant texture that is entwined with the smooth and smooth shirataki noodles. Combined with the umami of cod, it is finished in a lingering taste. For those who want to sip like noodles, keep the shirataki noodles long, and for those who want to pick them up with chopsticks, cut them short. You can also use knotted shirataki noodles.

Stir-fried cabbage cod roe

Recommended for cabbage consumption! Introducing the recipe of " stir-fried cabbage cod roe ", which is very easy and seems to be eaten up with a single cabbage.

Recipe "stir-fried cabbage cod roe"

The saltiness of the cod matches the cabbage! Not only as a companion to white rice, but also as a snack for sake. The taste is easy for children to eat, so it is recommended when you are worried about lack of vegetables ♪ You can eat deliciously even if you add a little white sesame.

Stir-fried peppers with cod roe

Also for mass consumption of bell peppers! Introducing a simple recipe " stir-fried peppers with cod roe" that you can make quickly! A dish of petit petit cod roe that is fully entwined with peppers.

Easy recipe "stir-fried peppers with cod roe"

The fluffy sesame oil flavor and petit petit cod roe. It is also recommended to replace the cod roe with mentaiko, or add soy sauce, white sesame seeds, and shichimi pepper to the accent to make it a little more mature. If you are worried about the flavor of cod, you can stir-fry it in olive oil.