Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
The devil is tempting

"Devil's ●●" has the meaning of "too delicious and eats too much". At Lawson, "Devil's Rice Ball" (110 yen including tax) was released on October 16th.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"

Speaking of devil's rice balls, "100 Yen Lawson", Lawson Store 100, has been selling rice balls with the same name since September, and it seems that about 200,000 (!) Rice balls have been sold in 4 weeks.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
Explosive selling devil rice balls (Lawson Store 100)

◆ The ingredients are tenkasu, soup, and green laver.

Devil's rice ball made by mixing rice cooked in white soup with tenkasu with squid, green laver, and tentsuyu. The components are basically the same as the Lawson store.

When you open the package ... Ah yes yes. The smell is already a devil. Plenty of green laver is already working.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
It smells absolutely delicious

◆ I tried it

A bite. Ahhhh! The savory rocky shore flavor of green laver, the umami of Tentsuyu soup stock and the moderately salty taste, and the softened tenkasu melt and spread the sweetness when chewed. When I eat it, my lips become a little oily, but this sense of immorality also enhances the deliciousness.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
Ume ~

But personally, I have a rest! If I had a little saltiness, I would have been completely addicted to it. It was dangerous ...

By the way, the calories you care about are 219 kcal per meal. That is lower than Lawson's Tuna Mayo Onigiri (229kcal)! Even if the devil tempts you once, the god of diet will forgive you.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
Come on ... Come to this side ...