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LAWSON STORE100 "Only Bento", Unique Bento,

"Only" Bread, and Unusual Rice Balls


A summary of "Only Bento", unique bento, "Only" bread, and unusual rice balls that appear at LAWSON STORE100. We will be the first to provide you with information on release dates, prices, and sales areas (areas).

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"Only Bento" is an ultra-simple bento series that dares to focus on only one side dish, based on the concept of putting the "standard bento but not the main dish" as the main dish. Since the launch of "Sausage Bento" with only sausage as a side dish, the series has been a hit one after another.

As of November 2022, all of them are still available (the selection varies by store).

The "Tamagoyaki Bento" is the sixth in the "Only


" series, featuring only one side dish. 8 omelettes are arranged so tightly that they cover the rice. While the rice weighs 120 grams, the tamagoyaki side dish weighs 138 grams, making the tamagoyaki a little more than the rice.

Tamagoyaki is "dashimaki". It is served "sweet" in the Kanto region and "slightly sweet" in the Chubu and Kansai regions.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento

The "dashi shoyu" (soy sauce and soup stock) that was popular with the "Nori Isobe-age Bento" is served separately. It is recommended to enjoy the original flavor of the dashimaki tamago as it is at first, and then add the dashi shoyu in the second half. It goes great with rice, and you will never get tired of it.

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on November 16.

Chicken Nugget Bento


is the fifth in the "Dare Bento" series. The sauce used on the chicken nuggets is the key point, and during the development stage, they tried barbecue sauce, honey mustard sauce, aurora sauce, and other sauces. In the end, they went back to the basics, saying, "Ketchup is what mothers put on their nuggets when they put them in their lunch boxes," and it became "Ketchup.

LAWSON STORE100 "Chicken Nugget Lunchbox

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on August 24.

The "Shiromi Furai Bento" is the fourth in the "Dare


" series. The reason for selecting "Fried white meat" is that while it is an indispensable side dish for "noriben," there is no other bento in the world in which "only" fried white meat is the main side dish. The fried white fish is placed next to the rice, and is accompanied by a generous amount of tartar sauce, just as much as the price can hold.

LAWSON STORE100 "Fried White Meat Bento

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on June 29.

The "Nori Isobe-age Bento" is the third in the "Dare


series. The reason for choosing "Chikuwa no Isobe-age" is that it is a standard side dish that is always included in Noriben, but it is not the main attraction, and there is a latent need for more of just this. Three slices of chikuwa isobe-age are placed on top of a noriben of rice topped with soy sauce-seasoned okaka (bonito flakes) and nori (dried seaweed).

LAWSON STORE100 "Nori Isobe-age Lunchbox

The isobe-age, the star of the dish, is made from baked chikuwa produced by a manufacturer of fish paste products in Ishikawa Prefecture, in pursuit of the deliciousness of the chikuwa itself. Each piece is battered and deep-fried by hand. The amount of aonori (green laver) has also been carefully considered to achieve the best balance to enjoy the aroma of the seashore.

The nori is also designed to alleviate the stress of eating it because it is difficult to cut the nori with chopsticks. Instead of one large sheet of nori, two smaller ones are used.

Dashi soy sauce is served separately. This soy sauce is produced by Kamata Soy Sauce in Kagawa Prefecture, the home of Sanuki Udon, and is used for bukkake Udon, and goes perfectly with the chikuwa isobe-age. You can "change the taste" by pouring your favorite amount of soy sauce over the chikuwa isobe-age and enjoy it to the last.

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on March 9.

The "Meatball Bento" is the second in the "Dare


" series. The "Meatball Bento" is the second in the "Only Meatball" series, and was created with the idea of "enjoying meatballs to the fullest in a bento box containing only meatballs. There is a little pasta underneath the meatballs, but the main side dish is just six meatballs.

LAWSON STORE100 Meatball Bento

By omitting the green "baran" that is often used as a divider between rice and side dishes, we were also able to keep costs down and include six meatballs that are also delicious. The meatballs are topped with a generous amount of demi-glace sauce, which is reminiscent of the bento boxes and children's lunches at department store restaurants that you used to eat as a child, and which also has a nostalgic feel to it.

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on November 10, 2021.

Sausage Bento" is the first in the "Dare


" series. The "Sausage Bento" is the first in the "Dare Bento" series, and is a very simple bento with only five sausages as side dishes.

The first "sausage bento" in the "Only Bento" series

The sausage is the star of the dish. The sausage is the star of the dish, and for this reason, the chef decided to use a sausage that tastes great with white rice. The original plan was to put black pepper on the sausage, but they changed it to ketchup.

The price is 216 yen. The product will go on sale on June 30, 2021, and will be available nationwide on August 25, 2021.


that is "just" bread LAWSON STORE100 has been selling bread that is "just" bread. Here are some of the breads that have intrigued purchasers' imagination and desire to cook by omitting something.

Only sponge cake.

Three slices of sponge cake in a cut-off style. You can enjoy them as they are, of course, but you can also enjoy arrangements such as homemade cakes with jam, whipped cream, etc.

LAWSON STORE100 Sweets Summary

The price is 108 yen. Sales will start on October 5.


: A renewed version of the hit product that was launched in March 2022 and sold approximately 80,000 units in one month. It is a product with only the "skin" of a Chinese bun, and can be eaten as it is, just like bread, and also has a soft and fluffy texture when it is heated up. In this renewal, the texture has been improved so that it becomes fluffy even without heating.

LAWSON STORE100 "Ingredient-less Manju

The price is 108 yen for a package of two. Sales will begin on September 7.

Unique Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes are not the only thing to look out for at LAWSON STORE100. Other bento boxes are also quite unique. Here are some of them.

Black Curry Rice

This product is sold as part of the "Black Fair," and its black appearance makes a strong impact. The black curry with ikasumi sauce gives the dish a spicy and pungent taste. It also has a rich taste of seafood such as shrimp and crab.

LAWSON STORE100 "Black Fair" Summary

The price is 348 yen. Sales will begin on November 23.

Okonomi Menchikatsu Bento:

A large-sized menchikatsu topped with a big bowl of sauce, mayonnaise, and blue sauce, this is what one might call a "menchikatsu-only" bento. It is topped with sauce, mayonnaise, and aonori (green laver).

Okonomiyaki Menchikatsu Bento

The price is 378 yen. Sales will begin on October 12.

Mega-mori-don (Sausage & Neapolitan

): A boxed lunch consisting of about 1 cup of rice topped with Neapolitan and sausage. This product shows that LAWSON STORE100's product developers love sausage and ketchup.

Mega rice bowl (sausage & Neapolitan)

The price is 538 yen. Sales will begin on October 19.


When we think of onigiri rice ball ingredients, we usually think of ume plum, shabu salmon, bonito flakes, kelp, and so on. But LAWSON STORE100's onigiri are different. Here we introduce some of our special onigiri.

Ikasumi Onigiri

(rice ball) This is an originally developed product sold at the "Black Fair. The rice ball is cooked in a sauce based on the flavor of ikasumi and butter, with the delicious taste of Yaizu bonito stock and the refreshing aroma of wine.

LAWSON STORE100 "Black Fair" Summary

The price is 108 yen. The product will go on sale on November 23.

Sausage Onigiri

This product commemorates the first anniversary of the "Sausage Bento," the first product in the "Only Bento" series. It is topped with a whole sausage. The rice is ketchup-flavored chicken rice style for the best flavor.

sausage ball

The price is 108 yen. Sales will begin on June 29.