Convenience store limited "thick chips Ikinari!STEAK taste"
Resurrected for a limited time!

Japan Frito-Lay will release "Thick Chips Ikinari!STEAK Flavor" on October 15th. Limited to convenience stores. The estimated price is 240 yen (excluding tax). For a limited time.

This is a snack supervised by the steak chain "Ikinari!STEAK". A large snack with the image of a thick steak is packed with the taste of meat as "gyu-gyu (cow)", and it is said that it is finished with a taste and taste reminiscent of a real steak. With a 150g (5.29oz) "explosive eating size" and a crispy texture, you can enjoy a satisfying texture just like a real steak.

In 2017 (Niku), "Thick Chips Ikinari!STEAK Flavor", which was sold and popular last year, which is the year of meat, is back for a limited time! Don't miss the fans.