Famima "Beniharuka Chips

Famima Beniharuka Chips

I actually bought and tried "Beniharuka Chips" sold by FamilyMart (Famima). The price is 198 yen per bag (tax included).

This new product is part of FamilyMart's " Famima's Sweet Potato Digging, " a promotion in which a total of 19 types of sweets, drinks, ice cream, breads, and confections using sweet potatoes are being offered for sale.


Chips "Beniharuka Chips" are chips made from 100% domestic Beniharuka and finished without seasoning. The "crunchy" and "crunchy" texture allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are. Each bag contains 28g (0.99oz) and 149kcal.

Famima "Beniharuka Chips
Red Haruka Chips

The sliced sweet potato is moderately thick, and when you bite into it, it cracks open and you can enjoy the crunchy texture. The crunchy texture has a slight "crunch" to it, making it irresistible to sweet potato lovers! The more you chew, the stronger the natural sweetness becomes. The more you bite into it, the sweeter the natural sweetness becomes, and because it is so simple, you can eat as much as you want. Oh no. ....... You'll be addicted to this one. ......

Famima "Beniharuka Chips

Famima "Beniharuka Chips" are a must-have for sweet potato chip lovers. They are perfect for an autumn snack!
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