First collaboration between Japan Frito-Lay and Mos Burger: "Thick Chips Mos Chicken Flavor".

Mos Food Service will release "Thick Chips Mos Chicken Flavor," the first collaboration with Japan Frito-Lay. The release date is July 11. It will be available at convenience stores in limited quantities. The product weighs 150g (5.29oz) and is priced at 290 yen. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.

Thick Chips Mos Chicken Flavor

Mos Burger and Japan Frito-Lay have collaborated to create "Thick Chips Mos Chicken Flavor," a thick, chewy chip flavored with Mos Chicken. Under the supervision of the Mos Chicken developer, the texture, flavor, and mouth feel of Mos Chicken have been carefully selected so that each bite is a taste of Mos Chicken. To reproduce the characteristic crispy batter of Mos Chicken, the texture of the thick dough and the aroma of the deep-fried batter are expressed. The large 150g (5.29oz) serving size makes it a perfect snack for children and adults alike, whether savored slowly or shared with others.

Mos Chicken is now available in a satisfying chip form in the "Thick Chips Mos Chicken Flavor. Pick one up when you see it.