Tokachi Confectionery Snow White Azuki
Lots of products from Hokkaido!

At KALDI Coffee Farm, products that let you enjoy the blessings of Hokkaido's nature will be on sale for a limited time from October 9th. The lineup includes the Japanese brand "Moheji" and products from Hokkaido manufacturers.

A lot of soup from the "Moheji Hokkaido" series. "Tomato soup with Hokkaido vegetables" containing corn, Kurosengoku soybeans, potatoes, etc. based on tomatoes from Hokkaido, and "Hokkaido onion soup" finished with butter and bouillon. The price is 298 yen each (tax included, same below).

KALDI Coffee Farm "Tomato Soup with Hokkaido Vegetables from Moheji Hokkaido"
Around the ingredients

In "Moheji Hokkaido Kara", there are also 3 kinds of seafood snacks that are sized to eat. "Hitome (using Hokkaido squid)" carefully baked with far infrared rays, "Hitokuchi salmon toba" (321 yen each) with soup stock such as kelp and bonito, "Soft cheese squid" with mellow cheese (340 yen) is in the lineup.

3 kinds of seafood snacks from KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji from Hokkaido"
To accompany the evening drink

In addition, "Moheji Hokkaido to Hokkaido popcorn flavor" (192 yen) seasoned only with salt from the Okhotsk Sea, and "Moheji" made from Hokkaido hascup juice and wine grape juice (wine pamisu). "Hascup & Wine Pamis Soft Candy" (216 yen) will also be on sale from Moheji Hokkaido.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Moheji Hokkaido to Hokkaido Popcorn Salt Flavor"
Uses Hokkaido corn

From Hokkaido manufacturers, "Tokachi Confectionery Snow White Azuki" (172 yen), which is made by coating "white red bean paste" with white chocolate, and "Hokkaido Chikren Meat Unsalted Corned Beef" (528 yen), which uses 100% Hokkaido beef. Etc. will appear.

Hokkaido Chikren Meat Unsalted Corned Beef
Plenty of meat flavor

* Sales period and handling status vary depending on the product and store.