KALDI "Goku Cheese Steamed Bread Sakura"

At the KALDI Coffee Farm, "Moheji Hokkaido to Hokkaido Mascarpone-made Extreme Cheese Steamed Bread Sakura," "Moheji Kaki no Tane Sakura Chocolate," "Original Sakura Dacquoise," and "Cafe KALDI Drip Mild KALDI (Sakura Pattern)" It will be released sequentially.

From Moheji Hokkaido Extreme cheese steamed bread made with Hokkaido mascarpone Sakura

Price: 237 yen (tax included, same below)
Release date: Mid-January

KALDI "Goku Cheese Steamed Bread Sakura"

A new cherry blossom flavor has been added to the moist and rich "Goku Cheese Steamed Bread". It has an elegant taste that matches the refreshing aroma of kneaded domestic cherry leaves with the mellowness of cheese.

Moheji Kaki no Tane Sakura Chocolate

Price: 159 yen Release date: Mid-January

KALDI "Kaki no Tane Sakura Chocolate"

The persimmon seeds are coated with cherry-flavored chocolate using domestic cherry leaf powder. The sweet and sour taste of persimmon seeds and chocolate makes it a perfect item for spring snacks.

Original Sakura Dacquoise

Price: 120 yen Release date: Mid-January

KALDI "Sakura Dacquoise"

A cream made by kneading chopped cherry leaves and cherry blossom extract into a crispy fluffy dough that uses plenty of almond poodle. Moderate saltiness enhances the sweetness.

Cafe KALDI Drip Mild KALDI (Sakura pattern)

Price: 537 yen Release date: Late January

Cafe KALDI Drip Mild KALDI (Sakura pattern)

KALDI Coffee Farm The most popular coffee "Mild KALDI" is now available in a limited edition cherry blossom pattern package. A mild-tasting drip coffee that brings out the gentle sweetness of Brazil.