KALDI "Cat's Day Bag" and "Cat's Day Bag Premium

Neko no Hi Bag" and "Neko no Hi Bag Premium" will be available at KALDI Coffee Farm. Both the physical store and the online store will sell them by lottery in advance. The cat bag includes sweets, tea, a desktop calendar, sugar pot, tea filter, and teapot.

Neko no Hi Bag

KALDI "Cat's Day Bag

This bag contains five items: "Gateau au Fleur," a raspberry flavored cake topped with sweet chocolate, "Chocolat Noir," a smooth bitter chocolate, "Jean Nats Darjeeling (tea bag)," a French black tea to enjoy with "Gateau au Fleur," "Jean Nats Darjeeling (tea bag)," a desk calendar that is popular every year, and a cute In addition, there is a desk calendar, which is popular every year, and a ceramic "sugar pot" with a cute cat illustration. The bag is a sweatshirt tote bag that is just the right size for a quick trip. It features an embroidered cat! The price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Neko no Hi Bag Premium

KALDI "Cat Day Bag Premium

In addition to the "Tarte au ranger" with orange jam, which is brightly colored with pistachios and orange slices, and the "Cube chocolate", which is a smooth, raw milk chocolate, and the French black tea "Jean Nats Darjeeling", which can be enjoyed together, there is also the "Desk calendar", which is popular every year. The bag also contains a tea filter for making one or two cups of tea, and a ceramic teapot with a cute illustration of a cat. The bag is a sturdy canvas tote bag. The bag is made of a solid canvas material and features a three-dimensional cat patch and embroidery! The price is 2,500 yen (tax included).

Sales Method

The "Neko no Hi Bag" and "Neko no Hi Bag Premium" will be sold by lottery at both the physical store and the online store. For the physical store, the pre-drawn lottery will start on January 24 via the official app. For the official online store, the pre-drawn lottery will be held on the lottery application page from February 1.