Kura Sushi Halloween Menu
Kowakawa menu perfect for Halloween!

From the conveyor belt sushi chain "Kura Sushi", two types of Halloween special menus, "Halloween Purple Monster" and "Halloween Hyokkori Monster Parfait," will be released on October 19th. The sale period is until October 31st.

"Halloween Purple Monster" is made by wrapping chocolate pudding with "healthy black vinegar sushi", which is the pride of Kura Sushi (unlike general seaweed rolls, the seaweed is wrapped inside and vinegar rice is wrapped outside). A menu with purple potato powder coated around it. The sushi is topped with a cute eyeball made of special pumpkin paste and white chocolate.

Kura Sushi "Halloween Purple Monster"
Halloween purple monster

When you eat a bite, the pumpkin paste has a smooth texture, and then the rich chocolate pudding spreads in your mouth. The price is 108 yen (tax included, same below).

"Halloween Hyokkori Monster Parfait" is a menu of chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate ice cream sprinkled with purple potato powder and topped with special pumpkin bean paste and white chocolate.

Kura Sushi "Halloween Hyokkori Monster Parfait"
Halloween monster parfait

If you eat pumpkin bean paste, chocolate pudding, and chocolate ice cream together, you can enjoy even richer sweetness. The price is 270 yen (the price is different at some stores).