Somen shop Hayashi's "somen"
"Full power Ibonoito" made by professionals at the shop

Speaking of brand somen "Ibo no Ito", it is a staple of midyear gifts. However, it seems that there is actually a "Full Power Ibonoito" that is cooked by a professional at a store, which is a luxury item that is different from what you taste at home. I heard that you can eat it at the specialty store "Somenya Hayashi" in Oimachi, Tokyo.

What is full power Ibonoito?

I learned about "Full Power Ibonoito" from the topic of Twitter in early July. At the restaurant in the "Ibo-no-Ito Museum" in Tatsuno City, Hyogo, the hometown of Ibo-no-Ito, you can enjoy professional somen dishes made with high-quality Ibo-no-Ito.

However, Tatsuno is far away. When I asked the Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Somen Cooperative, which operates the museum, if I could eat it in Tokyo, he said, "As of 2018, only Tatsuno has a directly managed restaurant."

When I was disappointed, I felt sorry for the other side, and he advised me, "High-class Ibonoito for restaurants is sold nationwide through distributors, so please check that." If you search for it, it seems that there is a specialty store of Ibonoito called "Somenya Hayashi" in Oimachi, Tokyo.


From the west exit of Oimachi Station, walk west along the railroad tracks for a few minutes and you will find a shop on the first floor of a building called "Brillia Oimachi Ravian Tower".

When you open the lunch menu in the calm atmosphere of the restaurant, you will be able to enjoy somen noodles. I heard that they all use Ibono thread. It is said that it is an aged "twist" that has been laid down in a dedicated warehouse that has been managed for a year. It seems that a professional will cook this. Expectations for full-power Ibonoito are rising.

Somen shop Hayashi no Ibonoito

If you want to simply taste somen noodles, 2 bundles are 600 yen (tax included, same below), but I was hungry, so I ordered the soy milk, meat, and chili oil-filled dandan noodle style, which is popular with men. The price is 900 yen. In addition, I was worried that I would be really full with that alone, so I also put on a small bowl of Shirasu, which is perfect for summer. This is 300 yen.

Somen and small bowl set
Because I thought that somen wasn't enough ...

Full power with plenty of volume!

After a while, I came up with a different dish from the familiar somen noodles. Serve like cold pasta, like chilled Chinese. Just pick up the chopsticks and pick them up, and it's definitely somen. The brand is a red belt twist.

Somen shop Hayashi no Ibonoito
Somen alone has a solid volume

When you taste a bite at once, it has a texture more like jelly than noodles. Although it is firm, it is so soft that it can be cut with just a little force with your teeth. Perhaps because the noodles are thin, the dashi stock underneath is entwined very well. You can see that it is popular with men because it has a strong flavor of rich soy milk and spicy chili oil. By the way, if you eat plenty of green onion and Japanese ginger condiments with noodles, it will be refreshing and you will not feel any dullness.

Somen shop Hayashi no Somen
Texture like jelly. Soft but chewy

It contains not only meat but also hot spring eggs, so break it before eating. This is also often entwined with somen noodles. By the time I finished eating, I was full and I regretted that it might have been superfluous to ask for a small bowl.

Hot spring eggs, condiments and Ibonoito
Refreshing with condiments and thick with eggs. Both are often entwined with Ibonoito.

However, when I put chopsticks on the small bowl, the simple taste of Shirasu goes well with the rice, and it is different from the somen dishes that have been devised in various ways. After all, when both of them have been eaten and the feeling of euphoria is vague, there is a word "beef tongue" on the wall. It seems that when you come at night, you can enjoy beef tongue with somen noodles. What does it taste like? I want to check it again soon.

Shirasu bowl that came with somen
Shirasu Donburi-You don't have to just enjoy Ibonoito, but it's better to have it!

It's different from Tatsuno's Ibo-no-Ito Museum, but I left the shop thinking that it would be wonderful to be able to eat "Full Power Ibo-no-Ito" within the range that I can easily go to in Tokyo.