Sushiro "Toro Swordfish"
Enjoy the taste of fat

At each Sushiro store (excluding some stores), the product "Toro Swordfish" of "Good news from the sea of the world 100 yen PROJECT" is on sale for a limited time. The price is 100 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This is sushi that you can enjoy the firm taste of fat and the unique texture of swordfish. Among the high-quality natural swordfish grown in the Atlantic Ocean, we are thoroughly committed to the taste and carefully select and use only fish of 60 kg or more, which are said to have good oiliness.

Sushiro "Toro Swordfish"

In addition, "Sushiro Cafe Club" Japanese sweets "Pururun Jelly" are also on sale. When you eat kinako and black honey from Okinawa prefecture, the sweet scent and richness of brown sugar spreads softly. The price is 180 yen.

Sushiro "Pururun Jelly"

The jelly, which has a water-drop-like shape and a fluffy texture, contains fish agar with the image of a "tuna".

* SUSHIRO Minamiikebukuro store, Gotanda store, Ueno store have different items and prices * Not available at Sushiro Konomi