Ogai Mori's beloved "Bun Chazuke"

Coal is quickly piled up. Ogai Mori, the author of "The Dancing Girl," begins with the brilliant sunshine of the hot lanterns on the banks of the table in the middle room. He has produced many other masterpieces such as "Goose" and "Sansho Daio", but did you know that he was actually quite a sweet tooth?

In the essay "Poverty Savaran" by Mari Mori, the eldest daughter of Ogai Mori, it is stated that the funeral bun that Ogai received was eaten in chazuke. Manju for chazuke ... I can't predict the taste ... I was curious, so I actually made it.

■ Manju Chazuke
All you need to prepare is steamed buns, rice, sencha, and more.

Ingredients for bun chazuke
Choose a large bun

Put the buns on hot rice and pour hot tea. Lightly mix the center, loosen the bun skin, and soak the bean paste in the tea.

Ogai Mori's beloved bun chazuke

A terrifying bite. …that? good? Yeah, good! This is surprisingly good! To be honest, before I ate it, I thought "wet buns look bad", but it's surprisingly good.

Ogai Mori's beloved bun chazuke

The skin of the bun that sucked in the tea is like a plump fu, and the sweetness of the bean paste exudes and you can enjoy the atmosphere like soup stock. When swallowed, the fragrance of tea is fluffy.

Ogai Mori's beloved bun chazuke
Let's eat the well-mixed part

However, it is certain that the gap from "It looks unpleasant ..." to "It's surprisingly cool !?" is very impressive. It's not "insanely tasty" or "insanely good". It's just like "it's better than expected". If you want to eat every day ... it's subtle.

Ogai Mori's beloved bun chazuke

■ I tried other than buns
Since it's a big deal, I ran to a convenience store in the neighborhood and bought sweets other than buns. I put it on the remaining rice and made it chazuke. It was purchased "Chestnut Cake", "moon cake", "sweet potato", "Mitarashi", all five of the "Fuwakoro".

List of sweets prepared for making chazuke
List of prepared materials

■ Kuri Manju Chazuke
First of all, Kuri Manju . Place the cracked kuri manju and pour tea.

Kuri manju for making chazuke
Entry No.1

Making Kuri Manju Chazuke
Sprinkle tea

In a nutshell, sweet chestnut rice that failed to cook. The white bean paste does not easily fit into Ochazuke, and the skin that has absorbed the water becomes heavy and heavy, but it is not particularly fresh. I tried to mix it well, but the impression was the same. It's a pity that we can't feel the energy to bring out the goodness of each other. It doesn't seem to be very compatible.

Kuri manju chazuke

Kuri manju chazuke

■ Mooncake Chazuke
Next is the shiny moon cake . It's too sweet for me to eat alone, but it might be easier to eat if it's chazuke ...?

Mooncakes used for chazuke
Entry No.2

The aroma of tea helps to make the sweetness a little modest. The crunchy texture of the nuts is a nice accent. However, it is a pity that the skin has become a sweet, heavy and damp object. Apparently the important thing is the skin .

Mooncake chazuke

Mooncake chazuke
The skin doesn't come loose easily ...

■ Sweet potato chazuke
Sweet potatoes that are perfect for the coming season. Make a notch and pour the tea.

Ingredients for sweet potato chazuke
Entry No.3

Sweet potato chazuke

It looks like potato porridge and is quite delicious! I thought that the skin would be sticky, but I enjoyed the taste like cut potatoes by melting it properly with bean paste.

Sweet potato chazuke
Best so far

■ Mitarashi Chazuke
Rice, tea and mitarashi dumplings . Isn't this a good feeling?

Mitarashi Chazuke Mitarashi Dango
Entry No.4

Well, contrary to expectations, it's not that delicious, or there's no point in putting it together ... "Mitarashi dumplings and Ochazuke are both attractive and nice guys, but it can't be said that they have a relationship that enhances each other by being close to each other ." It's not bad at all.

Mitarashi chazuke
Featured father three brothers

Mitarashi chazuke
Better to eat separately

■ Fluffy chazuke
7-ELEVEN's "Fuwakoro" has become a hot topic as "Generic Hagi no Tsuki". It's a steamed bun with custard cream.

Ingredients for fluffy chazuke
Entry No.5

Fluffy Chazuke Fluffy

The smooth sweetness of the custard cream that slowly melted. It's like Western-style bun chazuke , but the taste is somewhat blurred. The dough is fluffy and absorbs water well, so it goes through the fluffy texture and becomes a mere sticky texture. This seems to have been impossible.

Fluffy chazuke
Water, sucking too much

■ Conclusion
・ The steamed bun chazuke is surprisingly good. ・ The compatibility with white bean paste is subtle. ・ If sweet potatoes are chazuke, it becomes potato porridge.

Although it seems that people have different tastes, some of them are "manju chazuke". Why don't you try Ogai Mori's paperback with one hand?