"Tsukimi Udon" Recipe

It's quick to make and delicious! Here are 3 recommended simple recipes for eating udon. Juicy "kitsune udon" and "curry udon" with the remaining curry roux.

・ Kitsune Udon
Juwa Uma ~! A recipe for "Kitsune Udon ", which is deliciously fried with plenty of umami.

"Kitsune Udon" recipe

The fried food that exudes a juicy taste when you bite it is so delicious that you can eat as much as you want! You can sprinkle shichimi pepper if you like ♪

・ Recipe for curry udon
Let's arrange the remaining curry roux! A simple and delicious recipe for "curry udon".

"Curry udon" recipe

You can choose the strength of the soup. The udon noodles are entwined with the curry soup, creating a warm and warm cup. It is recommended to add fried tofu to add richness and inhale the soup to make it more delicious.

・ Tsukimi Udon
A classic udon recipe! A simple " Tsukimi Udon " recipe.

"Tsukimi Udon" Recipe

If you break the yolk and entangle it with udon, it will be mellow and delicious! You can also top it with kamaboko or sprinkle it with your favorite seasoning such as shichimi pepper.