Chijimi made with okonomiyaki flour

Introducing "Korean recipes" that you can enjoy traveling at home. Following the first installment , all of them are easy to make.

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◆ Chumokupapu

Korean-style rice ball " Chumokupapu ". Although it is a staple food, it is also a satisfying dish like a main dish.

Korean-style rice ball "Chumokupapu"

The taste and texture are lively with each bite! The saltiness of crispy takuan, the aroma of sesame, the umami of Korean seaweed and the scent of rocky shore, and the richness of mayonnaise overlap. It's delicious and you can eat it as much as you want!

◆ Chumoppa

This is the rice ball " Chumoppa " with "Tobiko". It's very easy just to mix and hold.

Korean-style rice ball "Chumoppa"

Because it contains a jump, it is colorful and you can enjoy a bubble wrap texture. If you get tired of the usual rice balls, please give it a try.

◆ Beef and radish soup

"Beef and radish soup " that is familiar in Korean homes. You don't need hard-to-find materials, so you can easily challenge yourself.

Beef and radish soup

Although it is a simple seasoning, it has a depth and is very delicious! From the soup with the umami, you can feel the moderate saltiness and richness of fat, and the elegant sweetness of radish.

◆ Chijimi

The surplus okonomiyaki powder transforms into delicious "chijimi". Simply add your favorite ingredients to the dough, which is a mixture of flour and water, and bake.

Chijimi made with okonomiyaki flour

The hot dough has a crispy surface and a chewy texture when chewed. The okonomiyaki flour itself has a dashi flavor, so it's delicious even if you eat it as it is without sprinkling anything. Beer and highball are going on ...

◆ Mayo Kim Chicken

"Mayo Kimchi Chicken" is a must- try for kimchi lovers. With this, the rice goes on so much that you don't need any other side dishes!

Mayo kimchi chicken

The light-tasting chicken breast changes quickly with a thick side dish thanks to mayonnaise and kimchi. The richness of mayonnaise wraps the tingling stimulus of kimchi. If you like alcohol, don't forget to prepare beer!