Seven-Eleven's signature sweets "THE Seven Shoe" has been renewed
Hokkaido milk is added to custard cream

Seven-Eleven's signature sweets "THE Seven Shoe" has been renewed. It will be released sequentially at each store from September 26th. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

The new THE Seven Shoe has a smooth and rich taste by adding "Hokkaido milk" to the conventional custard cream using the special egg "Egroyale". In addition, the choux pastry is baked more fragrant by increasing the amount of butter to enhance the aroma.

In commemoration of the cumulative sales of THE Seven Shoe exceeding 20 million units, a Twitter campaign will be held from the release date. If you tweet the impression of THE Seven Shoe, 10,000 people will win a "sweets free voucher" by lottery. * Target is chilled Western confectionery and chilled Japanese confectionery of 200 yen or less including tax

To apply, just attach the hashtag "#New Seven Shoe I tried" on Twitter and tweet your impressions of eating. The campaign period is 13 days from September 26th to October 8th and 7 days from October 12th to 18th.