Mos Burger "Nagoya Shrimp Fried Burger Lemon Tartar"
Nagoya fried shrimp burger lemon tartar

At Mos Burger, a special price of 30 yen off when you purchase products from the online ordering site will be held for a limited time from September 12th to 25th.

Moss' online ordering site is a service that allows you to order from your smartphone or computer using the Internet. You can choose to take it home or deliver it at the store (excluding some stores).

In addition to the new menu "Kitami Shoyu Sauce Tonkatsu Burger Using Hokkaido Pork" and "Nagoya Fried Shrimp Burger Lemon Tartar", the discount campaign will target all 5 items of the standard "Mos Burger", "Teriyaki Burger" and "Mos Chicken". If you order online, you can purchase them at a special price of 30 yen off.

Mos Burger "Kitami salty sauce pork cutlet burger using Hokkaido pork"
Kitami soy sauce pork cutlet burger using Hokkaido pork

The product prices (tax included) are as follows.

Kitami Shoyu Sauce Tonkatsu Burger Hokkaido Pork Use 430 yen → 400 yen Nagoya Fried Shrimp Burger Lemon Tartar 450 yen → 420 yen Mos Burger 370 yen → 340 yen Teriyaki Burger 360 yen → 330 yen Mos chicken 270 yen → 240 yen