Mos Burger "Night Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry".


Burger "Night Mos Rice Burger

Katsu Curry"

Mos Burger will release "Night Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry" as a night-only menu item "Night Mos" after 3 pm on March 24 (Friday) (except at some stores). The price is 590 yen. Sales hours are from 3:00 p.m. to close.

Night Mos Rice Burger

Katsu Curry

Mos Burger has developed "Night Mos" as a "slightly luxurious rice burger" available only after 3:00 p.m., in the hopes of "encouraging people to choose Mos for dinner as well". The newest addition to the "Night Moss" lineup is the "Night Moss Rice Burger Katsu Curry".

The loin cutlet is tossed in Mos original cold curry sauce, combined with green leaves and cabbage, and sandwiched on a rice plate. The curry sauce is a blend of four types of curry powder and three types of curry roux. Mildly spicy spices are used to give the dish an easy-to-eat taste while adding depth of flavor.

The umami of beef and demi-glace sauce give the curry the mildness and richness characteristic of European-style curry, and the addition of soy sauce gives it a homey flavor. The combination of rice, pork cutlets, and curry is familiar to Japanese people, and the product is also very hearty.

The "Yoru Mos Rice Burger Yobari Ten Kinmedai to Kakiage (Salt Sauce)" will no longer be available.