Komeda Japanese Cafe Sakka-an Matcha Green Tea Menu
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Komeda Japanese Cafe Sakkaan offers a menu full of matcha green tea

. Six items including seasonal sweet dishes such as "Matcha Tiramisu" are available at Komeda Japanese Cafe Sakkaan from May 8 under the title of "Matcha Zukashi" (full of matcha green tea).

Matcha Ti

ramisu is a Japanese tiramisu with a melt-in-your-mouth flavor, consisting of matcha sponge soaked in matcha honey and a layer of soft and smooth cheese cream. The cheese used in this product has been heat-treated. Prices range from 580 yen to 700 yen (tax included).

Honwarabimochi with Green

Tea Kinako (10 pieces

) Bittersweet and savory, Honwarabimochi with green tea kinako. The Honwarabimochi with matcha kinako has a bittersweet aroma and can be topped with matcha honey to your liking. Prices range from 730 yen to 860 yen.

Matcha Zenzai (green tea zenzai)

The bitterness of matcha green tea and the sweetness of the sweet bean paste are irresistible. Prices range from 700 to 830 yen.

Matcha Shironoir

Hot Danish with matcha green tea soft serve ice cream. Prices range from 770 to 840 yen for a regular size and 510 to 630 yen for a mini size. You can also choose vanilla, matcha mix, hojicha, or hojicha mix for the soft serve ice cream.

Matcha Lemonade

Sweet and sour lemonade with a hint of matcha green tea. Prices range from 610 yen to 750 yen.

Matcha Soda

: Refreshing soda with the bitter taste of matcha green tea. Prices range from 610 yen to 750 yen.

Prices may vary at certain stores.
* Sales are subject to change at certain stores.
* Servings and containers may vary by store.
* "Matcha Zenzai" and "Honwarabi Mochi with Green Tea Kinako" will be available until late July 2024, but this is subject to change.
* "Matcha Tiramisu", "Matcha Shironowar", "Matcha Lemonade Matcha Lemonade" and "Matcha Soda" are sold all year round.

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