Mos Burger "Deluxe Mos Cheeseburger Double Tomato".

The "Miyagi Tomato Festa" will be held at all 18 Mos Burger outlets in Miyagi Prefecture, selling products using tomatoes harvested at "Yamamoto Farm Miraino" in Yamamoto-cho, Watari-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, which is a cooperating farmer of Mos in Miyagi Prefecture. The offer period is from July 22 to July 24.

Miyagi Tomato Festa

This event is held to allow visitors to enjoy delicious local vegetables. During the festival, tomatoes from "Yamamoto Farm Miraino" will be used. Yamamoto-cho, where the farm is located, is on the Pacific Ocean coast at the southeastern tip of Miyagi Prefecture. To the east is a plain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and to the west is the Abukuma region, a region of mild climate and rich nature. Yamamoto Farm Miraino has acquired Global Gap (Agricultural Production Process Management) certification and is committed to growing safe, secure, and delicious vegetables. The "Deluxe Moss Burger Double Tomato" and "Deluxe Moss Cheeseburger Double Tomato" are regional and limited time offerings.

Deluxe Moss Burger Double Tomato

A plump, hearty hamburger made from 100% domestic ground beef and pork, topped with mayonnaise type, plenty of onions, and our original meat sauce, and sandwiched between two slices of tomato. Compared to the standard "Mos Burger", the meat sauce is increased by about 30%, the hamburger has about 1.8 times the weight of a regular patty, and the tomato slices are doubled. The price is 700 yen.

Mos Burger "Deluxe Mos Burger Double Tomato".

Deluxe Mos Cheeseburger Double Tomato

Deluxe Moss Burger Double Tomato" with sliced cheese. The cheese is perfectly intertwined with the plump hamburger patty and our famous meat sauce, giving the burger a rich and mellow taste. The price is 730 yen.

Mos Burger "Deluxe Mos Cheeseburger Double Tomato".

What are Mos cooperating farmers?

Mos Food Service has established relationships with approximately 2,400 vegetable farmers nationwide (in fiscal 2022). Mosu's Fresh Vegetables" are grown by cooperating farmers without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers as much as possible. General vegetables may be used in some cases due to weather or procurement conditions.