Mos Burger "Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku

Mos Burger


Rice Burger Yakiniku I actually purchased and tried the Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku, a rice burger menu item from Mos Burger. The price for a single item is 490 yen (tax included). The calorie count is 353 kcal.



Burger Yakiniku "Moss Rice Burger Yakiniku" is a rice burger sandwich of yakiniku meat and vegetables. Beef ribs are marinated in an original soy sauce-based Japanese sauce with grated onion, ginger paste, and grated garlic. The Moss Rice Burger was created in 1987. It is made by coating the rice plate with soy sauce and grilling it, making it less likely to fall apart and more savory.

Mos Burger "Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku

The rice burger is served hot. It is sandwiched between a bright green leaf and a juicy, delicious looking grilled meat. Mosu has fresh and tasty vegetables too!

The rice plate is hard to fall apart when you bite into it, so you can bite into it without worry! Of course, you can also enjoy the chunky texture of the rice. Then, add to that the flavor of the fat and sauce from the darkly seasoned yakiniku meat and you have a combination that is sure to ......! The green leaf does a good job.

Mos Burger "Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku

Since it can be eaten like an onigiri (rice ball), it is recommended for those times when a regular bun is too heavy for you today. If you haven't tried the Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku from Mos, please do so!