MUJI "Curry made from ingredients Paneer McCanny (cottage cheese curry)"
Indian curry fans don't miss it

The new retort curry series "Curry Paneer McCanny (Cottage Cheese Curry)" was released on August 30th at each MUJI store and online store (released on August 31st at the online store). ..

"Paneer" is cottage cheese that is familiar in India. The new product that appeared this time is Indian curry that uses this paneer as an ingredient. Paneer is made into a smooth cheese by combining not only milk but also fresh cream.

It seems that cottage cheese is often entwined with curry sauce like butter chicken curry, which is rich with fresh cream and butter. You can enjoy the creamy and rich taste that is perfect for the coming season.

No chemical seasonings, artificial colors or fragrances are used. It comes in 180g (6.35oz) (1 serving) and the price is 490 yen (tax included).