Kura Sushi's first "sugar off" series
"Shari vegetables" that use "that ingredient" instead of sushi (vinegared rice)

The first "Sugar Off" series is now available in the conveyor belt sushi chain "Musou Kura Sushi". From August 31st = "Vegetable Day", 3 types (10 items in total) of "Shari vegetables", "7 kinds of seafood ramen noodles without noodles" and "Sharipuchi" will be on sale.

In response to the recent "sugar restriction boom", a new menu that will be fully released. Recently, even at Kura Sushi restaurants, more people are leaving sushi rice (vinegared rice) than in the past. This sugar off series was developed to encourage such people to enjoy themselves.

● Up to 88% off sugar "sushi vegetables"
Shari vegetables are completely new sushi that uses "pickled radish" instead of shari. Daikon radish cut to a thickness of about 5 mm is seasoned with a special seasoned vinegar made by adding sugar, salt, soy sauce, and yuzu pepper to a vinegar base.

Kura Sushi "Shari Vegetable Shrimp"
Rice vegetable shrimp

The lineup includes two types of "bintoro" and "shrimp" rice balls (two each) and two types of hand-rolled "tuna" and "shrimp mayo", for a total of four products. The price is 108 yen each (tax included, same below). Wrap the nigiri in a lettuce laid on the bottom and add soy sauce to your liking. The crispy radish texture and the refreshing seasoned vinegar go well with sushi.

Kura Sushi "Shari Vegetable Bintoro"
Rice vegetable bintoro

Kura Sushi "Shari Vegetable Tuna Hand-rolled"
Rice sushi vegetable tuna hand-rolled

Kura Sushi "Shari Vegetable Shrimp Mayo Hand-rolled"
Shari vegetables shrimp mayo hand-rolled

● Up to 89% off sugar "7 kinds of seafood ramen without noodles"
A unique menu that has no noodles even though it is ramen. Recently, a menu with tofu instead of noodles has been sold at Ippudo, and Nissin's cup noodles have also introduced "noodleless ramen", which has become a hot topic.

Kura Sushi's "Noodleless Ramen" is a ramen soup that is popular for "7 kinds of seafood soup stock" made every day, and instead of noodles, 4 kinds of steamed vegetables such as carrots, bok choy, sprouts, and cabbage are added. I am.

Kura Sushi "7 kinds of seafood ramen noodle-free soy sauce"
7 kinds of seafood ramen noodle-free soy sauce

The lineup includes four items: "soy sauce," "tonkotsu soy sauce," "rich miso," and "sesame-scented dandan noodles" (399 yen each). With the firm taste of the soup and the chewy texture of the vegetables, you can feel full without noodles. You can enjoy it like soup, so you can eat it on a date without worrying about the splash of soup!

Kura Sushi "7 kinds of seafood ramen noodle-free soy sauce"
Plenty of vegetables in the soup

Kura Sushi "7 kinds of seafood ramen noodle-free soy sauce"
Wrap it with char siu

You can also use the vegetables in the ramen noodles as "topping vegetables" and top them on top of regular ramen (108 yen). You can also add more toppings on top of the noodles to make "vegetable doubles".

By the way, it seems that "domestic vegetables" are used for both sushi rice and 7 kinds of seafood ramen without noodles.

● Up to 47% off sugar "Sharipuchi"
Sharipuchi is a so-called "small sushi" sushi that was developed in response to the voices such as "(conventional) sushi is big" and "I want to eat other sushi but I get full soon". It is served with half the normal amount of rice.

There are two lineups, "Toro Salmon" and "Albacore Lean". The price is 108 yen.

Kura Sushi "Sharipuchi Toro Salmon"
Sharipuchi Toro Salmon

Kura Sushi "Sharipuchi Albacore Lean Meat"
Sharipuchi bottle lean meat