Mos Burger's "Mos Cafe" Karasuma Rokkaku store (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto) will start selling a new product, "Mos no Takumi Aji Kujo Negi no Kakiage Burger" on October 7 in limited quantities. The price is 890 yen (tax included).

Kaki-age Burger with Kujo Negi (green onion)" to taste Kyoto
Kaki-age Burger with Kujo Negi (green onion)" to taste Kyoto

The "Mosu no Takumi Aji Kujo Negi Kakiage Burger" is a patty made with beef and 18 grains such as barley and black rice, layered with kakiage (deep fried) kujo negi (green onion) and sandwiched between buns with original grated Mizore sauce. The burger is served with matcha salt, which is made by grinding tencha tea produced in Kyoto on a stone mortar, and refreshing Japanese citron zest, if desired.

The kakiage (deep-fried oyster cake) is made of kyo yasai (Kyoto vegetables) such as kujo-negi (green onion), awafu (wheat gluten) and makiyuba (rolled yuba), which are commonly used in Kyoto cuisine, and each piece is carefully fried to a crisp.

The mizore sauce is made from a broth made from katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) and kombu (kelp), and is accented with coarsely chopped daikon radish and carrots.

Limited to 30 servings per day, available until late March 2015.