FamilyMart "RIZAP Cheese Ice Bar"
First ice cream for FamilyMart x Rizap!

The first ice cream has appeared in the collaboration series between FamilyMart and RIZAP. "RIZAP Cheese Ice Bar" will be on sale at FamilyMart, Circle K, and Sunkus stores from July 18th. Limited quantity, price is 149 yen (tax included).

When I tried it, it was so rich that I couldn't think of it as "healthy" ice cream, but it had a smooth texture and was perfect for hot summers!

FamilyMart "RIZAP Cheese Ice Bar"
A snack with less guilt

◆ Light melting, but strong taste

This is a cheese ice bar finished with Hokkaido cream and Australian cream cheese. It is made "with a focus on deliciousness and the amount of sugar", and the sugar is 6.3g (0.11oz) and the calories are suppressed to 188kcal per bottle.

FamilyMart "RIZAP Cheese Ice Bar"
For those who care about sugar and calories

The type is ice milk, so it doesn't feel so milky. When you bite it, it has a chewy texture, and when you chew it several times, it melts lightly.

However, the taste of cream cheese is so strong that I am very satisfied! The slight acidity and richness of cheese leave a lingering finish in the mouth. The weight is relatively solid, so it fills your stomach well.

Although it is rich, it melts and is easy to eat, so it's not only healthy but also perfect for hot summers!

FamilyMart "RIZAP Cheese Ice Bar"
Light melting, but strong taste