FamilyMart "Tiramisu Cream Chiffon Maritozzo Style"
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Introducing new arrival sweets that will be on sale from November 2nd at each FamilyMart store. Here are 6 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

Butter biscuits sandwich pistachios

Fermented butter scented biscuits sandwiched with butter cheese cream containing flavorful and fragrant pistachio paste. The price is 248 yen (tax included, same below).

FamilyMart "Butter Biscuit Sandwich Pistachio"

Tiramisu cream chiffon maritozzo style

Sandwich with plenty of whipped cream that is a blend of coffee whipped cream and mascarpone in cocoa dough. The price is 228 yen.

FamilyMart "Tiramisu Cream Chiffon Maritozzo Style"

Anko and black honey parfait

A parfait supervised by "Eitaro Sohonpo". The special black honey made from Okinawan brown sugar is used for the mousse whip, and the sponge on the bottom is also impregnated. Topped with rice cakes made from domestic glutinous flour and red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans. The price is 298 yen.

FamilyMart "Anko and Black Mitsu Parfait"

Raw Toro Pudding Caramel

A rich pudding with fresh cream and caramel overlapping. The bottom of the pudding contains a bittersweet caramel sauce. Limited to FamilyMart. The price is 168 yen.

FamilyMart "Raw Toro Pudding Caramel"

Lotte crunchy chocolate bar

A chocolate bar where you can enjoy a crunchy texture. There is a cocoa cookie crunch in the vanilla ice cream. Limited to FamilyMart and limited quantity. The price is 168 yen.

Lotte crunchy chocolate bar

Ohayo Melonpan Ice

Melon bread ice cream stuffed with custard ice cream in a buttery cookie shoe. Bake the surrounding cookie shoes and then fill with ice cream. The rich taste and crispy texture of Hokkaido butter expresses the deliciousness of melon bread. Limited to FamilyMart and limited quantity. The price is 238 yen.

Ohayo Melonpan Ice