Morinaga Seika "Koeda Premium [Umeshu]".
Adult Twig, plum wine flavor

Koeda Premium "Umeshu" (plum wine)

A limited time flavor "Umeshu (plum wine)" is now available from the Koeda Premium series, a slightly adult "Koeda (Koeda)" series containing alcohol. This new product follows the "Mellow Whiskey" released last year (2016).

I've tried this one and it tastes insanely elegant and very delicious, so if you like chocolate with Western liquor in it, or if you like plum wine, you should definitely try it!

Bitter chocolate and plum wine go together!

Koeda Premium Umeshu is made of ganache-filled chocolate with plum wine and coated with slightly bitter chocolate.

Morinaga Seika "Koeda Premium [Umeshu]".
Adult tipsy chocolate

The slightly thicker chocolate-coated twig is so thick that when you bite into it, it has a "koku-koku" (crunchy) texture. The next thing you know, the aroma and sweetness of the plum liqueur is going full force!

And the chocolate melts smoothly at the temperature in the mouth. The bitterness is slightly strong and the aroma of cocoa matches well with the plum wine.

Morinaga Seika "Koeda Premium [Umeshu]".
The fact that there's not too much in it also makes it premium.

Not "ume" in Koeda, but "ume sake.

The bitter chocolate is different from the usual milky Koeda, and the sweet and fruity taste of plum wine gives it an "adult Koeda" feel. Also, it does not taste like plums, but plum wine. This is a key point.

Morinaga Seika "Koeda Premium [Umeshu]".
Glossy alcohol taste for adults.

Also, there are finely crushed dried strawberries in the dough, but they are only an accent. The main ingredient is plum wine.

This is a sweet that will make you feel as if you are enjoying a cup of plum wine with chocolate as a snack. How about a relaxing time at night when your mouth is a little sad?

This product contains 2.0% alcohol, so please refrain from drinking if you are weak in alcohol or if you are driving.