Morinaga "wood twig" confectionery
firewood and twigs

Morinaga Seika

Morinaga Seika is pleased to announce the release of "Wood Wood Twig" from its long-selling chocolate "Twig" series, with an irresistible crunchy texture and hearty eating experience. The product will be available from February 21, 2023, in a 64 g. The price is open to the public.

The new "wood-fired twig" series is a new series under the "Koeda" brand, featuring the crunchy texture of almond biscuits and two types of large and medium mixed-size wheat puffs, and a hearty eating experience that is approximately 280% the weight of regular "Koeda" products. It is characterized by its texture and volume, while still having the "Koeda" feel.

You can enjoy the crunchy texture of almond biscuits and two types of large and medium mixed size wheat puffs. The salty taste is an accent. The voluminous eating experience is approximately 280% of the weight of regular "twigs". The shape is inspired by firewood.

The package was designed with an image of coexistence with nature, with cute and rustic touch illustrations of forests, animals, and camps.

What is Morinaga's "Ko

eda"? Koeda" is a longtime seller that first appeared in 1971. At the time, environmental destruction was progressing in the shadow of rapid economic growth, and the public was beginning to pay attention to the natural environment. Now, almost half a century later, social issues are more diverse than they were then, and the chocolate has been adopted in packaging that takes into account environmental impact and support for cacao producers.