Morinaga Seika "Triple Pink Twig

Morinaga Seika Triple

Pink Twig From Morinaga Seika's long-selling chocolate "Twig", "Triple Pink Twig" with three kinds of pink ingredients is now available for a limited time. The price is 216 yen (tax included).


Pink Twig "Triple Pink Twig" has a sweet and sour berry flavor using three kinds of pink ingredients: strawberry powder, cranberry powder, and pink salt. The perfect combination of chocolate and puffs makes for an irresistible crunchy taste. 11 sachets of 4 twigs per sachet, 31 kcal per sachet.

Morinaga Seika "Triple Pink Twig
Triple pink twigs

Cuddly! Sweet and sour

From the moment you open the bag, the aroma of berries fills the air! The chocolate is soft, and when you bite into it, the sweet and sour taste spreads with a crunchy texture. The sourness that lingers in the aftertaste accentuates the flavor. The distinct flavor makes even one sachet (4 pieces) very satisfying. Would be a nice accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea!

Morinaga Seika "Triple Pink Twig

Strawberry, cranberry, and pink salt! Triple Pink Twig" is a sweet and sour taste of strawberry, cranberry, and pink salt. With its cute appearance, it would make a good small gift for Valentine's Day.