McDonald's "McFlurry Twig

McDonald's Mc

Flurry Twig McDonald's McFlurry Twig is the first collaboration between McDonald's classic sweet "McFlurry" and Morinaga Seika's chocolate confectionery "Twig". Prices start at 350 yen (tax included) and vary at some stores and delivery services. It will be available from January 25 to late March 2023.



"McFlurie Twig" is a chilly treat consisting of a twig cut into short, bite-sized pieces and mixed with smooth soft-serve ice cream and two types of chocolate sauce with different mouthfeel.

McDonald's "McFlurry Twig
McFlurry Twig

The creamy, rich soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and almond flavors, and the two chocolate sauces are said to be in harmony with each other.

McDonald's "McFlurry Twig

The sweet chocolate sauce is mixed with the mild and milky soft serve ice cream. The sprigs, crushed into just the right size, are crunchy when you bite into them. The crispy texture of the cooled and hardened chocolate is also enjoyable! I felt not only sweetness but also a hint of saltiness.

Before eating, it is recommended that you stir the mixture thoroughly from the bottom. The whole mixture may not be fully mixed, and you may end up with a lot of chocolate at first, but at the end it is almost just regular soft serve ice cream.

The McFlurry Koeda comes in an original design cup with the Koeda logo in limited quantities. It is a perfect and mouth-watering dish for this time of the year.