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McFlurry Twig

McDonald's Mc

Flurry Twig McDonald's McFlurry Twig, the first collaboration between McDonald's classic sweet "McFlurry" and Morinaga Seika's chocolate confectionery "Twig", is now available. Prices start at 350 yen (tax included) and vary at some stores and delivery services. It will be available from January 25 to late March 2023.


longtime seller "Koeda," launched in 1971, is characterized by a good balance of ingredients such as almonds, rice and wheat flour, steamed dough, two kinds of puffed and roasted puffs, and chocolate, as well as its crunchy texture.

In the new "McFlurry Twig," the twig is cut into short, bite-sized pieces and mixed with smooth soft-serve ice cream and two types of chocolate sauce with different mouthfeel, creating a cool and refreshing treat.

The creamy, rich soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and almond flavors, and the two chocolate sauces create a harmony of flavors.

Limited quantities will be available in an original design cup with the twig logo. The twig is depicted as it dives into the rippling soft serve ice cream in a cute pop design.

McFlurry Super

Oreo Cookie Limited Edition Original Cup

With the launch of "McFlurry Twig," the standard "McFlurry Super Oreo Cookie" and "McFlurry Oreo Cookie" will also be available in a limited edition original cup featuring the familiar logo of each.

McFlurry "Super Oreo Cookie" limited quantity original cup
Cho-Oreo Cookies Limited quantity original cups

McFlurry Oreo Cookie and McFlurry Super Oreo Cookie are cool treats that offer the bittersweet taste of cocoa-flavored cookies with a crunchy texture and smooth soft serve ice cream.