Sushiro "Peking duck style of duck"
Astonishing creative sushi

Summer limited-time menus are available at each Sushiro store. Products using the stamina food "eel" and creative sushi that goes diagonally above the imagination are on sale from today (July 21st).

There are three lineups of eel-based menus: "Authentic eel kabayaki," "eel chawanmushi," and "eel tororo wrap." Until now, products using eel have been developed, but this time we reviewed the sauce and baking method. By baking it well to remove extra fat, it is said that it is finished to match vinegared rice without any dullness. Also, the sauce has been improved to have a delicious flavor even when cooled.

◆ Eat and compare 3 kinds of "eel"

Authentic eel kabayaki is sushi made with plump and thick eel meat. The fragrance that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth is superb. When you touch your teeth, it melts softly and the rich sweetness spreads. One piece is 100 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Sushiro "Authentic eel kabayaki"
The plump body is fragrant and sweet

Eel chawanmushi is sushi roe's most popular side menu, "chawanmushi," with the addition of new eel. The fluffy texture of chawanmushi has a mellow egg flavor and goes well with the savory eel. The price is 180 yen.

Sushiro "Unagi Chawanmushi"
Melting chawanmushi

Sushiro "Unagi Chawanmushi"
Eel from inside!

Unagi wrapping is made by placing eel kabayaki on top of rice and topped with tororo and green onions. Wrap it in the seaweed underneath and eat it. With the combination of tororo and eel, you can get stamina with a bite! The price is 100 yen.

Sushiro "Unatororo Wrap"
Topped with tororo and green onions on eel

Sushiro "Unatororo Wrap"
Wrap it in seaweed

◆ Peking duck for sushi!

In addition, the new sushi menu is "Aigamo's Peking Duck-style (green onion)". The price is 100 yen per piece.

Sushiro "Peking duck style of duck"
Peking duck…?

Sushiro's first edgy sushi. Thickly cut duck meat is placed on the rice, leaving the umami of the subcutaneous part, and topped with Peking duck sauce and white onion. Wrap this in a chewy Peking duck skin and eat it.

The savory Chinese sauce enhances the taste of juicy duck meat. The skin is chewy and the texture is authentic! Accented with the crispy texture and bitterness of green onions.

Sushiro "Peking duck style of duck"
Inside the skin is like this. There is also sushi rice properly

In addition, "Red shrimp coriander with shrimp sauce" (100 yen per piece) is also available. It is a dish of red shrimp topped with coriander, sprinkled with spicy sauce "shrimp sauce" made by boiling sweet shrimp shells.

The combination of shrimp and coriander has an Asian taste and is perfect for summer! The synergistic effect of shrimp and shrimp sauce spreads the umami and aroma of shrimp in your mouth.

Sushiro "Red shrimp coriander with shrimp sauce"
Topped with domestic coriander that is not too strong

Three items using eel, Peking duck style (green onion) of duck, and red shrimp coriander shrimp sauce are on sale for a limited time. Please pick it up before it runs out!