Rakish "quiche"
From side dish quiche to sweet quiche

Freshly baked quiche specialty store "La Kish" opened in Machida Marui (Machida City, Tokyo) on February 17th.

The shop's pies are baked by pouring various dishes and sweets into a 7 cm diameter pie crust. It's perfect for breakfast, dinner, and snacks.

The classic quiche "Delicish", which can be eaten as a side dish or snack, has a lineup of four types: ham cheese, onion gratin, lorraine, and shrimp with omar sauce. The price starts from 216 yen (tax included, same below).

"Sweets quiche", which is a sweet dessert arranged into quiche, consists of four types: quiche pudding, quiche strawberry pudding, quiche chocolate, and quiche orange almond. The price starts from 302 yen.