Saizeriya To go menu
"Milan-style Doria" that I often ate at the shop. You can To go!

As the second menu that can be taken out at the Italian restaurant "Saizeriya", "Milan-style Doria", hot vegetable dishes, and short pasta that is easy to share have appeared.

Saizeriya's To go menu has been expanded for a limited time since April, but in May the variety of dishes that can be taken home has increased. It will continue to be available at stores nationwide except Shizuoka Prefecture.

In addition to Milan-style doria, doria and gratin such as "spinach gratin" will be newly added to the lineup. For pasta, you will be able to choose short pasta (penne) so that multiple people can share pasta such as "cheese and pancetta pasta". It can also be changed to spaghetti.

"Soft green bean hot salad", "sautéed spinach", "asparagus hot salad" and "celery pickles" have been added to the snacks so that you can enjoy the combination of dishes more while solving the shortage of vegetables.

Saizeriya To go menu
To go menu as of May (Source: Saizeriya)

Virtual background images of Saizeriya are prepared so that you can enjoy your meal at home, and will be released on the official website of Saizeriya in sequence. The original illustrations of each store can also be used as a background for online drinking parties.